The Qur’an Summer Camp – A 2-week residential programme

‘The Quran Summer Camp’ will be taking place from the 6th-17th August 2018 At Jamia Al-Karam, Eaton Hall, Retford, DN22 0PR

Presented by Jamia Al-Karam, Al-Azhar Alumni UK & Darul Qurra, under the guidance and supervision of Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada.

The 2-week residential programme of intensive study and training will be focussing primarily on Qur’an and Tajwid. With core module and Ijaza in Qur’an and the Al-Jazariyyah of Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Jazari. – Delivered by Abu Adam Akhlaq al-Azhari and a team of experienced mentors and certified teachers.

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(Male students above the age of 17 only.)

The application process is as follows;

1. Please fill in the below form with the required information and upload the required documents.

2. We will confirm your acceptance on the course.

3. You must pay the fees of £250 (£200 fees includes meals and boarding. £50 additional for books and resources.)

4. We will confirm your place on the course.

Contact us today on 07411 940950 for further details and inquiries.