New Publication – The Beautiful Life of Muhammad (peace be upon him)

The latest publication of Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada titled ‘The Beautiful Life of Muhammad (peace be upon him)’ has been released coinciding with the Islamic month of Rabi’ al-Awwal, which marks the birth and arrival of the sublime Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Originally published in 1999 and widely read and taught in mosques and educational institutions, this recent publication released by Al-Karam Publications is the second edition of this acclaimed work, which comes with a fresh translation from the original text and a new revised format. It is a comprehensive reading of the life and character of the holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who came as a mercy for the world, and whose life is an excellent example to follow in every respect. This book is an effective first step in the journey towards learning about the sublime life. Written in a simple, straightforward and east to understand manner, it is ideal for beginners and for pupils of school age. It is a perfect book to have in the home easily accessible to all members of the family.

“…The people of the earth called this personification of blessings and goodness by the splendid name of Muhammad, and the residents of the heavens called him Ahmad. But the whole truth only came apparent when the Creator and Sustainer introduced him to the world with the wordS: “We did not send you (O Muhammad) but as a mercy for all the worlds.” ” [excerpt from page 14] 

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