New Boilers & LPG Tanks Project – Jamia Al-Karam Urgent Appeal

Jamia Al-Karam has been serving the community since 1985, and since 1995 from the Eaton Hall campus in Retford. The Eaton Hall campus was built in the 1950s.  The building at that time was running on old inefficient coalpowered boilers. During those early years, we were able to install commercial oil-powered boilers, which have served students of knowledge well for over 20 years. The boilers would normally function effectively for around ten years, but with a bit of push and strive, we have managed to use them for just over twenty years. Due to their age and usage, the boilers have over the past weeks completely broken down and come
to their end. They are now beyond repair.

The entire Eaton Hall campus is ageing and its services require upgrade that is quite costly indeed. In 2012, we carried out a detailed survey of the boiler plant and primary system by a reputable engineering company from Hereford who specialise in upgrading such old buildings. The estimate cost for a complete upgrade was in excess of £230,000, which was not possible to pursue, so we continued with the existing system as much as we possibly could.

In view of the current situation regarding the boilers, following extensive site surveys, we have commissioned the installation of a new central heating and hot water boiler plant only, which would be fueled by LPG gas. This is replacement of just the boilers and basic connection to the existing system. The cost of this project is £70,000. If we are not able to raise this money and complete this project within the next few weeks, Jamia Al-Karam will not be able to remain open this winter. The engineers are ready and only await a go-ahead from our part upon confirmation that the funds are available.

Another recent difficulty that has arisen is with regards to the old roof over the kitchen stores and safety switch rooms. Each time it rains, there is now flooding in that area. The roof has given way and this poses a significant risk. As such the areas are in minimal use, but the damage is growing and affecting the structure of the building. To fix and install a new roof, the cost is coming at £20,000.

In view of the above, Jamia Al-Karam urgently and imminently requires £90,000. To raise this amount, we are requesting Silver, Gold and Platinum Sponsors of £500, £1,000 or £1,000+ respectively. This is an immense sadaqah jariyah and an investment in both worlds. We are hopeful that you will appreciate the urgency and necessity of this appeal, and will contribute and help raise this incredible amount.

No doubt you will help us at this time in raising and donating a sponsorship as mentioned. To all who donate to this work, we will give full feedback upon completion of the project and will create a dedicated Wall of Sponsors, so that all students of knowledge in the years to come will remember the donors in their prayers who made their education possible.

To discuss your contribution and this work, please feel free to contact a member of our staff at Jamia Al-Karam. May Allah Almighty reward you for your support.


Call: 01777 706441

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