Graduation of 25 Alims and Alimahs on Annual Urs Conference

The 18th Annual Urs Conference commemorating the life, legacy and achievements of the erudite Sufi scholar, Zia-ul-Ummat Justice Pir Muhammad Karam Shah al-Azhari (1918-1998), was held at Jamia Al-Karam in Retford on Sunday 17th July 2016. Hundreds of Imams, scholars and guests from around the UK and abroad attended the gathering with keynote speaker being Shaykh Sayyid Muhammad Hashmi Mian of Kichocha Sharif (India). The event was chaired by Pir Muhammad Amin Ul Hasnat Shah of Bhera Sharif (Pakistan) and hosted by the founder and principal of Jamia Al-Karam, Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada.

The conference also featured the graduation ceremony of 18 Alims and 7 Alimahs from Jamia Al-Karam who have completed their Foundation Diploma in Islamic Sciences & Classical Arabic (FDIS Dars Nizami) from Jamia Al-Karam. They now join the growing list of Jamia Al-Karam’s talented alumni and they are the following:

Graduate Alims of 2016:

1. Abas Arshad s/o Arshad Mahmood, Blackburn
2. Hamaad Ahmed s/o Khalil Ahmed, Peterborough
3. Issarar Hussain s/o Mahboob Hussain, Sheffield
4. Javed Afsar s/o Mohammed Afsar, Crawley
5. Mohammed Rehman Hussain s/o Abid Hussain, Bradford
6. Mohammad Gulrez Shaheen s/o Mohammad Iqbal, Bradford
7. Mohammed Hasan Patel s/o Shabbir Ahmed Patel, Bolton
8. Mohammed Junaid Yasin s/o Mohammed Yasin, Birmingham
9. Mohammed Mahin Saiyed s/o Moinuddin Saiyed, Birmingham
10. Muhammad Ali Tanveer s/o Muhammad Tanveer, Woking
11. Muhammad Aqib Akhlaq s/o Raja Muhammad Akhlaq, Milton Keynes
12. Muhammad Asad Ali s/o Qari Muhammad Ali, Sheffield
13. Raja Nazam Nawaz s/o Asif Nawaz, Bedford
14. Rehman Mahmood s/o Khalid Mahmood, Blackburn
15. Summon Zaib Hussain s/o Choudhary Talib, High Wycombe
16. Tasawar Hussain Munawar s/o Munawar Hussain, Reading
17. Tosif Hussain s/o Azar Hussain, Stoke-on-Trent
18. Usman Kayani Sattar s/o Faruk Sattar, Blackburn

Graduate Alimahs of 2016:

1. Anisa Naz Khalil d/o Adrees Khalil, Manchester
2. Aishah Zarif d/o Muhammed Zarif, Derby
3. Areeba Khatoon Hassan d/o Matloob Ahmed, Ilford
4. Bushra Miskeen d/o Muhammad Miskeen, Redditch
5. Hajra Mehtab Mahmood d/o Anwar Mahmood, Nottingham
6. Marina Ali d/o Altaf Ali, Birmingham
7. Zara Shafiq Rehman d/o Mohammed Shafiq ur-Rehman, Woking

Many congratulations to all graduates of 2016. We wish them all well for the future and welcome those who are returning in September 2016 to pursue the Advanced Diploma in Islamic Sciences & Traditional Scholarship (ADIS Dars Nizami).

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