Graduates of Jamia Al-Karam mark the International Day of Al-Azhar hosted by Al-Azhar Alumni UK

Al-Azhar Alumni UK, which is the UK Branch of the World Organisation for Al-Azhar Graduates, hosted an evening of gratitude and reflection on Thursday 30 May 2019 in Bradford, West Yorkshire, in order to mark the International Day of Al-Azhar, honouring 1079 years since the establishment of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif.

The evening comprised of a formal meeting, Iftar meal and prayers, and was presided by the Vice-President of Al-Azhar Alumni UK, Bakhtyar Pirzada al-Azhari.

In his welcome address, the Vice-President spoke on the historical significance of Al-Azhar, current and future projects of Al-Azhar Alumni UK, and introduced literature from Al-Azhar Al-Sharif as well as the recent books released by the President of Al-Azhar Alumni UK, Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada.

The recently published scholarly discourse to counter extremist thought and radicalism, produced by Al-Azhar Al-Sharif titled ‘Mafhum al-Jahiliyyah’ featured in the meeting, as well as the UK publications ‘Qur’an: The Sublime Word’ and ‘Bukhari: The Sublime Tradition’ were discussed.

Numerous Imams from across the Northern region attended the evening, who are graduates of Al-Azhar University, Executive Members of Al-Azhar Alumni UK, as well as supporting members. They included among others:

1. Imam Abu Awais Muhammad Zahoor Chishti al-Azhari
2. Hafiz Mahboob Hussain al-Azhari
3. Ustadh Arfan Shahzad al-Azhari
4. Imam Muzzammal Hussain al-Azhari
5. Imam Kaleem Haider al-Azhari
6. Maulana Nizam Ashrafi
7. Maulana Bilal Mudassir
8. Imam Kamran Liaquat Ali
9. Imam Syed Jamal al-Azhari
10. Maulana Aftab Mohyuddin al-Azhari
11. Maulana Mubashir Iqbal
12. Ustadh Haleem Khaliq
13. Ustadh Ibrar Hussain
14. Ustadh Sayeed Hussain Buksh
15. Maulana Mushtaq Hussain al-Azhari
16. Imam Kesser Hussain al-Azhari
17. Maulana Zein Hud al-Azhari
18. Imam Abu Baqar Ali al-Azhari
19. Imam Imran Muhammad al-Azhari
20. Hafiz Gul Muhammad al-Azhari