Seeking a balanced programme of study

Jamia al-karam aims to develop a very in-depth understanding of the vast array of disciplines that form part of the study of islam, to provide much insight into the origins and subsequent development of classical islamic sciences and to enhance knowledge of the grammatical structure of the qur’anic arabic language.

Key modules of the course content are largely based on the classic nizami curriculum that has maintained its traditional prestige and even today is a benchmark in mastering the classical sciences in order to gain knowledge of the intricacies of islamic scholarship. Alongside these key modules, contextual understanding and contemporary knowledge play an integral role so as to maintain a bridge between the traditional and the modern, as well as the transmitted and the rational, with the aim of effectively training the next generation of qualified and relevant leadership.

#learnandserve, with both eyes open, on the religion of islam and on the present world, is key to our vision of nurturing practising muslims and developing the leadership of the future. Jamia al-karam offers the following programmes, open to male and female students above the age of 18:

الشهادة الثانوىة

Foundation Diploma In Islamic Sciences & Classical Arabic (FDIS) 

3 year programme

الإجازة العالية

Advanced Diploma In Islamic Sciences & Traditional Scholarship (ADIS) 

2 year programme

The Foundation Diploma in Islamic Sciences & Classical Arabic (FDIS) is for students who are fluent in the recitation of the qur’an, have a strong resolve to learn the classical arabic language and demonstrate a keen interest in studying challenging religious texts in the arabic language. This is a three-year preliminary course which is based on the foundation and intermediate level texts of the nizami curriculum. It will equip students with the necessary linguistic skills required to study the texts. Students will gain a firm grounding in the various sciences and disciplines of islamic knowledge covering a wide range of subjects, including contemporary disciplines and modern discourses.

The Advanced Diploma In Islamic Sciences & Traditional Scholarship (ADIS) is offered to students who have successfully completed the fdis programme. This is a two-year course that is a progressive continuation from the fdis and is based on the advanced level texts of the nizami curriculum. It aims to transform students with intermediate textual skills into qualified scholars, teachers and researchers. Students will be trained in understanding canonical religious texts relating to various islamic disciplines. Awareness of these classical disciplines as well as contemporary sciences and modern-day scholarly developments will equip students with necessary skills to further their study and service with competence, and to be able to explore the vast body of arabic and islamic literature.