End of Year Graduates Ceremony held at Jamia Al-Karam

The end of year graduates ceremony was held at Jamia Al-Karam on Thursday 2 August 2018, featuring the awarding of certificates to the students who graduated this year, as well as meaningful discourses delivered by the Principal, Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada, and the Vice-Principal, Bakhtyar Pirzada al-Azhari.

Students graduating by completing the 3-year Foundation Diploma in Islamic Sciences & Classical Arabic (FDIS) and those graduating by completing the further 2-year Advanced Diploma in Islamic Sciences & Traditional Scholarship (ADIS) were awarded their certificates upon successful completion of the final examinations.

In addition, Shaykh Pirzada awarded the respectable teachers as well as the graduates of the Advanced Diploma of 2017 and 2018 with Ijazah (licence) through the Sanad (chain of transmission) of his intellectual tradition that carries the names of grand scholars and luminary sages in each generation prior going back to the sublime Messenger Muhammad (upon him be peace); for the knowledge of the religion continues through the chains of transmission.


Brothers graduating with FDIS:

1. Muhammad Usama Rasul (Oslo, Norway)
2. Amar Hafiz (Sheffield)
3. Hasnain Shakeel (Birmingham)

Sisters graduating with FDIS:

1. Nabeela Kausar (Huddersfield)
2. Shaiba Nawaz (Huddersfield)
3. Haleena Iqbal (Peterborough)
4. Madina Hafiz (Franconville, France)
5. Madihah Ahmed (Glasgow)
6. Rameesa Tanveer (Bedford)
7. Muqaddas Iftikhar (London)
8. Fathima Nihla Junaideen (Peterborough)
9. Zainab Hussain (Newark)
10. Humayrah Abdullah Ashra (Leicester)

Brothers graduating with the further ADIS:

1. Mohammed Mahin Saiyed (Birmingham)
2. Issarar Hussain (Sheffield)
3. Muhammad Ali Tanveer (Woking)
4. Summon Zaib Hussain (High Wycombe)
5. Abas Arshad (Blackburn)
6. Muhammad Hasan Jeelani (High Wycombe)
7. Mohammad Gulrez Shaheen (Bradford)
8. Mohammed Hasan Patel (Bolton)
9. Muhammad Asad Ali (Sheffield)

Sisters graduating with the further ADIS:

1. Farkhanda Khatoon (Stoke-on-Trent)
2. Anisah Iqbal (Manchester)
3. Zulaikhah Jamil (Rotherham)