Emergency Fire Safety Emergency Appeal


Fire alarm systems are becoming more advanced, and we rely on these systems to provide early warning in the event of a fire, aiding in safe evacuation and alerting the emergency services. Effective fire alarm systems aid in the protection of people, property and assets.

The fire alarm system in the main residential building of Jamia Al-Karam’s Eaton Hall campus is old and aging, despite continuous upgrades to various aspects of the system over the past two decades. In light of safety, insurance inspections and internal risk assessments, the need for upgrading this critical and life-saving detection and alarm system has been highlighted over the past eighteen months. In March 2019, an external audit was commissioned and a fire risk assessment carried out which further pinpointed the requirements. In the past six months, numerous consultants and fire safety companies have been invited in to plan and provide quotations for a new system which have ranged from £70,000 to £140,000, due to the extensive layout of the building and its detection and cabling needs.

This Fire Safety Emergency Appeal is now launched in order to raise £65,000 for the initial phase of installing a new fire detection and alarm system as well as providing necessary upgrades to fully comply with current legislation and fire regulations, and to fulfil the requirements of our risk assessment associated with the alarm system.

Jamia Al-Karam will be installing an Addressable L1 system with detection and alarm in every location and room throughout the building. Site plans and system drawings for this are in place. We are looking to install 3 main monitoring Quadnet Panels with associated loop cards and software, a minimum of 29 call points, 358 multipoint detectors and sounders, 36 addressable detectors, and numerous other related items, as well as covering the cost for extensive cabling and labour.

Our challenge is to fund this upgrade and raise a minimum of £65,000. Contractors and suppliers are ready and awaiting go-ahead with deposit payment. This amount can be raised by 130 Silver Sponsors of £500, or 65 Gold Sponsors of £1,000, or even a fewer Platinum Sponsors of £5,000+. Any large or small amount of donation is most welcome.

Allah Almighty reward you for your support towards this centre of knowledge seeking to continue serving the mission of the sublime Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) and building a better future for British Islamic scholarship.

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