An Affront to Religion and Humanity: Statement on the London Attack

Devastating news started to emerge from London early last night with yet another terrorist attack on British soil. Seven individuals have been killed with many more injured, some critically, at the landmark London Bridge and the Borough Market as a result of the evil actions of barbaric suicidal murderers last night. This is simply evil and an affront to religion and humanity.

The Vice-Principal of Jamia Al-Karam, Bakhtyar Pirzada al-Azhari, issued the following statement: “Tears from the violence and carnage inflicted on Manchester had not dried yet, and we are struck again by terror inflicted on the city of cities, the capital of capitals, London. We are horrified and sickened by this senseless and depraved outpour of violence on innocent people in our great city, and we remain saddened and pained at the scenes of people running for their lives as terror unfolded. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this attack, their families and loved ones, and the people of London.

“The police and emergency services have again shown their utmost best, with the police taking control of the situation and eliminating the threat in less than ten minutes. Their dedication and professionalism is applauded. At the same time, the people of London and those closer to the place of attack immediately opened their hearts with compassion and theirs doors for safety. Restaurants provided sanctuary, and many people used social media to spread the message of their homes being open for those looking for safety and shelter. The terrorists aim to create sheer terror demonstrating the worst of humanity, but that very soon turns into great compassion demonstrating the best of humanity. Coming together is key in defeating this menace that seeks to destroy the peace of us all.

“The terrorists may seek justification for their evil actions in religion, but perverted minds only delude themselves in a perverted theology very distant from true religion. We are horrified and deeply troubled by murderous maniacs, who have no respect for their own lives let alone the lives of others, using the name of our religion of Islam as they go about their satanic pursuits. ‘This is for Allah,’ they say, yet for Allah it is fasting during the day and prayers during the night in this holy month of Ramadan. ‘The killing of one soul is akin to the killing of all humanity,’ Allah says. ‘Those who are not for humanity cannot be for Allah,’ the tradition tells us. We cannot allow terrorists and extremists of any kind to pervert the religion we follow. The attack last night is an affront to Islam and all religions.”