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Last week, on Monday 30th August 2021, the new academic year 2021-22 began at #JamiaAlKaram with students having returned following 18 months of online learning. #LearnAndServe


Teachers & lecturers of #JamiaAlKaram in a meeting with the Vice-Principal, Bakhtyar Pirzada al-Azhari, amidst preparations for the new academic year & the return of students after 18 months.

Admissions are still open. For details call 01777 706441 or email


Admissions Open| Sep 21

In Islamic Sciences & Classical Arabic

In Islamic Sciences & Traditional Scholarship

Of Specialisation in Islamic Law

Tel: 01777 706441


Sincere prayers and best wishes at the start of the new Islamic year AH 1443, from @ShaykhPirzada and everyone at @JamiaAlKaram, United Kingdom.

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2 weeks ago

Jamia Al-Karam
Earlier last week, on Monday 30 August 2021, under the direction of the founder and principal of Jamia Al-Karam, Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada, the new academic year 2021/22 began at Jamia Al-Karam, marking the beginning of the 37th consecutive year of education, training and nurturing of Jamia Al-Karam.An inaugural assembly took place in which Shaykh Pirzada delivered his opening discourse to all the students of the institution having returned on campus after 18 months, and he initiated the first lesson on Qur'anic Arabic Grammar for the new students.#JamiaAlKaram #LearnAndServe ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

Jamia Al-Karam
*NEW IJAZA PROGRAMME BIRMINGHAM**Two week Tajweed course organised by Darul Qurra in association with Masjid Qamarul Islam Birmingham.**Venue:* Masjid Qamarul Islam, Fosbrooke Rd, Small Heath, Birmingham B10 9JP *Tuhfatul Atfal* *| Tutor:* Imam Amar Hafiz Al-Azhari*Minimum Age:* 10*Please register on the following link:* signed up, please join the Telegram Channel *for the latest updates* using the link Atfaal is the famous poem written by *Imam Al-Jamzuri* for those who wish to learn Tajweed (the rules of Qur'anic recitation). It’s shorter and easier than other similar texts.This publication is the first English translation and has been printed to a high standard.Introduction (Muqaddimah),---The Rules of Noon Saakinah and Tanween,------Izhaar,---------Exercise 1,------Idghaam,---------Exercise 2,------Iqlaab,---------Exercise 3,------Ikhfaa'---Rules of Noon and Meem Mushaddadatayn,------Exercise 4,---Rules of Meem Saakinah,------Ikhfaa'------Idghaam,------Izhaar,---------Exercise 5,---Rules of Laam ut-Ta'reef and Laam ul-Fi'l,------Al-Laam al Qamariyyah,------Al-Laam ash-Shamsiyyah,---------Exercise 6,---Al-Mithlayn, al-Mutaqaaribayn and al-Mutajaanisayn,------Diagram,---Types of Madd,------Al-Madd al-Asli,------Al-Madd al-Far'i,------Vocabulary,------Exercise 7,---Rules regarding Madd,------Al-Madd al-Muttasil,------Al-Madd al-Munfasil,------Al-Madd al-'Aaridh lis-Sukoon,------Al-Madd al-Badal,------Al-Madd al-Laazim,---------Exercise 8,---Types of al-Madd-al Laazim,------Al-Madd al-Laazim al-Kalimi,---------Al-Mukhaffaf,---------Al-Muthaqqal,------Al-Madd al-Laazim al-Harfi,---------Al-Mukhaffaf,---------Al-Muthaqqal,---------Vocabulary,---------Exercise 9,---Huroof ul-Muqatta'aat,------Those that have Al-Madd al-Laazim al-Harfi,------Those that have Al-Madd at-Tabee'i (Al-Madd al-Asli),------The Alif,---The Ending,------The date of composing the Poem. ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

Jamia Al-Karam
Earlier today, Jamia Al-Karam’s new academic year began with an assembly led by the Founder and Principal, Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada. In his opening address, Shaykh Pirzada reflected upon the hadith of the sublime Messenger Muhammad (upon him be peace) that highlights the grand status of a student of knowledge, stating - among many other blessings - that if a student of knowledge was to pass away during this sacred journey into knowledge, then his grave becomes a garden from the gardens of Paradise. This clip reflects the meaning of that hadith with an inspirational story. ... See MoreSee Less
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