University Accredited Course

In addition to the Dars Nizami course, Jamia Al-Karam also offers degree level modules accredited by Middlesex University. There are eight modules in total equivalent to two foundation years of a degree. Upon completion of the eight modules, the student can then simply complete the final year at a university to obtain a bachelor degree.

Students can continue onto a BA Islamic Studies at a recognised institute or at Middlesex University, where they can additionally combine their study with other subjects in the following schools: School of Arts and Education, Business School, School of Engineering and Information Sciences, School of Health and Social Sciences.

These modules are designed to complement studies at Jamia Al-Karam and examine in depth the historical, theological and philosophical aspects of Muslim thought, its institutions and the complex challenges facing Muslims. As the entry requirement of this course is not restricted to those with traditional A-Levels, students may be eligible for exemption through Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL).


Modules equivalent to Year One of study for a BA degree

  1. Scriptural Study: Introduction to Qur’anic and Hadith Studies

    30 credits at level 4

  2. Islamic Civilisation and History

    30 credits at level 4

  3. Scriptural Study: Qur’anic Exegesis and Hadith Collections

    30 credits at level 4

  4. Education in the Islamic World

    30 credits at level 4

Modules equivalent to Year Two of study for a BA degree

  1. Shari‘ah Interpretation and its application to Family Life

    30 credits at level 5

  2. Islamic Spirituality and Morality

    30 credits at level 5

  3. Development Project (Part One – Introduction)

    20 credits at level 5

  4. Development Project (Part Two – Submission)

    40 credits at level 5

Assessment varies depending on the nature of the module. In the main it is continuous assessment with credits gained as the student progresses with a final assessment essay at the end of the programme. In some instances that final assessment will be replaced by a formal examination. Students will need to spend an equivalent amount of time in personal independent study in order to complete the assignments.